Thursday, June 28, 2012

REVIEW: Pure Beauty Treatment Essence Water

I've been neglecting my hair since I have been busy at school! That's why I am now regaining its beautiful shine just like before. I was so intrigued by this product because I have been using its oil version that sadly overused by my niece that is why I came to try this because the oil one is great! Actually this is Made from Korea but the products used is from Japan (for those who are confused)

has nozzle spray that epically failed to function well

bought this at SM Bicutan Watsons for Php 239

I so much hate the nozzle spray because it doesn't function well! ERRR I sprayed it on my hair but it sprayed on my face and ruined my makeup haha!! The spray has its own brain! Some reviews were also complaining about the nozzle maybe its just how they wanted the nozzle to be

*has nice smell but doesn't last long
*great for styling
*moisturizes my hair
* makes my hair smoother 
*reduces frizz a little
*doesn't weigh down hair
*doesn't make hair sticky and eeky

*should remake the packaging 
* makes you hair wet again which I hate when used in an ironed hair
(if your going to iron your hair you should put this first on wet hair then iron it)
 * I still prefer the oil version

REVIEW: Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on

Way back in college I've been very busy with my school affairs, shooting, requirements, reviewing notes, stress and lack of sleep equals to EYEBAG! sometimes my classmates even open a contest who has the biggest eyebag and should be rewarded as the most productive! sometimes they call you eyebags EYELUGGAGE if you really have big eyebags ^^ (got the logic?). So when my family went to The Landmark to buy groceries, I saw this Garnier Eye Brightening Roll-on for Php199!

has a metal ball that is great for conducting temperature

what the product looks like. has gelatin-like consistency
I don't use it anymore because I'm always lack of sleep and I don't think that its effective but I like to refrigerate it and put this on my eyebags. makes me feel relaxed

*relaxes me when I put this under my eyes
*makes me feel sleepy

*a little expensive to something that is not really effective


REVIEW: Celeteque Acne Spot Gel

Everybody knows that I have acne prone skin especially when I turned 21. So I was at SM Bicutan to seek for a acne gel and the saleslady suggested that this one is her best seller among those acne gel and I was intrigued and kinda fooled by her sales talk that's why I go away when Sales Clerks checks me  :)

what the product looks like
It stings when I put this on my pimples but it subsides real quick like 5 seconds its gone. I like its smell

*helps to prevent bumps from breaking out
* has a really nice smell that I can't explain

* a little pricey Php168 for 5ml
*not that effective


REVIEW: Garnier Light Complete Cream

Want to remove those ugly pimple scar in an effective way? Here's a product that might help you to achieve that! Garnier LightComplete claims to be a multi-action cream that fights dullness, dark spots and and pimple scars cream that has UVA and UVB filters and gives you a 8hour shine free look! Sounds promising right?

what the product looks like

creamy consistency

I love the smell of this! mild lemon lotion scent. I use this as a spot treatment so everytime people(sometimes my mom's friends pay her a visit) see me asks if what is that white thingy on my face I just simply answer that its an pimple scar remover.But don't ever put this to a pimple because it clogs it again therefore it helps the pimple to relive! I hate it when that happens

*effective pimple scar remover in 3 weeks time your scar will totally unseen!
*Cheap! Php20 per 5ml sachet mines on a 20mL tube for Php 78 if I remember it right
*smells like lemon lotion

*it oils up my face
* cause breakouts because it sits on the pores and blocks the oil 
* no specific SPF

REVIEW: Erase Solution Anti- Acne and Depigmentation Solution

I have been told that the skin reflects what you are, so one should be very caring of her/his skin right?
Today I'm going to review about Erase Solution Anti Imperfection that claims to relieve stretchmarks, discoloration, scars, pimples and everything that is a barrier to achieve flawless skin. I have this awful scar on my right shoulder because of Shingles(a skin irritation that looks like Chicken Pox but it appears only on a certain area of the skin caused by exposure to someone with chicken pox and if your immune system crashed)

Tretinoin= Retin-A=  Vitamin A=helps regenerate skin by peeling


 Provides peeling action and at the same time, restores ageing skin's ability to regenerate new tissues.

Warning: not intended for pregnant women and children below 18 years old. 

Precautions: Do not apply on open wounds and avoid areas near the eyes and the mouth. Do not apply on thinner skin like armpits, and underarm to prevent irritation. If redness or swelling appears, discontinue use. Do not use along with other exfoliating product.

Direction: Apply on the skin that needs improvement. Can be applied on the face, elbow, neck, belly and feet. APPLY sunscreen for extra protection upon exposure to sunlight.

what the product looks like when applied on the skin
It helped my acne a little better but it stings so hard and peels bad. It also gave me a little phobia of the sunlight because I don't want to suffer from sunburns. It reduced my big ole' scar on my right shoulder which I'm very happy with. Note that you should not peel when you see some dead skin coming off because it might cause an irritation or worse, deeper and uglier scar! 

*Php 99 for 7mL
*has flowery sweet smell

* might acquire skin irritation when exposed to sunlight

REVIEW: Celeteque Moisturizer

I always tend to moisturize my face after putting toner because it makes my face a little dry and dryness or lack of moisture or even bad moisturizers (ones that has oil, alcohol and other nasty stuffs) are few of the reasons why people get pimples. Today, I'm goin' to show you guys what do I use to keep my face moisturized without getting pimples ^^

claims to be non-comedogenic and oil-free
I was too lazy to type it down hehe!

what the product looks like

very watery consistency

what it looks like on the skin

after 10 seconds it was completely absorbed by my skin 
What I love about this product is that it is quickly absorbed by the skin and has very smooth and watery consistency this is my third bottle and its already half empty! But when I got the prescribed products from my dermatologist I rarely use this because it might affect the effect of the other products.

*watery consistency 
*makes my skin supple
*doesn't oil up my face
* feels very light when applied on the face
* no smell

* can't think of any! 

REVIEW: Etude House Happy Tea Time Green tea Cleanser

Im bloggin' another review about Face Care, the Etude House's Happy Tea time Cleanser in Green Tea. I bought this last year for Php148 at Etude House SM Bicutan branch after their sale because I didn't make it I was too late but its still a steal because is very affordable :)

 Product Description:

soft green color

has really thick consistency

I use this product for removing my make up because it does the job makes my face squeaky clean and make up free. It also helps clear my blemishes and helps remove oil for hours! I just love2 this product.Even my big bro uses this to clean his face :)

* removes makeup,even gel liners and mascara well
*helps reduce sebum secretion
*makes my face squeaky clean
* a pea size is enough to wash my whole face with make up
* has really nice green tea smell

None so far!

REVIEW: St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Here's another Face care product review for you guys! I have been using this scrub for almost three months, I even bought another bottle because I already finished the other bottle which has a pump that really love and adore

what the product looks like

has a creamy consistency unlike the one with the pump which is liquid-y

I use this every time I want to exfoliate but exfoliating daily is bad for your skin. You should exfoliate once a week and twice a week is the most! you don't want that pesky millia to grow (millia is like a whitehead but it is covered with dead skin cells thats why its very hard to get out). Its beads really helps to exfoliate my skin and it lessen my whiteheads and lightens my acne scars. I love its mild candy-ish scent but the one that comes in the pump is more effective than this one because I think it that was reformulated.

*love its smell
*effective on clearing the pores
*paraben free, phthalates free(meaning it has no preservatives that is very harmful to the skin)
* not soapy 
* makes me feel that I have supple skin
*helps my acne

Can't think of any

REVIEW: Garnier Pure Active Multi-action Scrub

Today I will be reviewing a face care product! the Garnier Pure Active Mulit-action Scrub
Before I underwent to Acnesurgery and seek for a dermatlogogist help this was the product I have been using alternately with St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Here's a quick review about this scrub:


Product Description:
*visibly fghtd 6 signs of Acne, has Purifying Salicylic Acid+ herbarepair
*Dermatologically tested on Asian Acne-prone skin
* anti imperfection relapse efficacy on whiteheads for 1 week and pimples(clinical test 50 subjects-5 weeks)
*Anti-imperfection action: Concentrated in Purifying Salicylic acid, its fresh non greasy formula quickly dries  out imperfections instantly.
*Anti-marks fading action: Enriched with HerbaRepair, known for its regenerating and repairing properties, it helps to improve skin, minimise redness and fades marks.

what the product looks like

has slight sheen on it

thick and sticky texture

has blue beads to it

Bought this at The Landmark for Php 85 it has a mild bubble gummy smell to it. I love how the microbeads feels against my face but sadly it din't work for my acne-prone skin. I know that Salicylic Acid helps fight bacteria that is present on my acne but it doesn't make it any better, I have used this product for almost a month but it didn't give me results because as I was using this product new bumps still appears on my face thus it doesn't help to prevent breakouts, it didn't removed my whiteheads but it somehow removed my oil a little because it resumes to oil up even more after 3 hours. It is affordable but it didn't help my acne get better. I was really disappointed because I held to its promising claims which seriously didn't improve my condition.


*has mild bubble-gummy scent which I love
*after using, makes me feel that I have squeaky clean face
* thick consistency= doesn't need a lot of product to clean my whole face
*relatively cheap
*helps remove oil 

*didn't achieve clearer face
*didn't do any good to my face

I know that no person has the same skin condition and how it will react to a product, meaning if it didn't work for my face MAYBE it will work for you but I am not assuring you that it might. Have you tried the Pure Active Multi-action scrub? How was it?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hello everyone! I have two new breakouts on my forehead and on my right cheek but the pimple scars are slightly fading away as of June 25,2012(monday)

Here are day 1-16 photos to see the difference :)

sorry I forgot to take a shot on my right cheek during  Day 1


Hello Guys! Im happy to announce that my acne is getting better now :) having new bumps and little breakouts but I don't think that it doesn't get worse than that because after 2 days it will go away  and my acne marks are fading but Im still hoping that it will soon go away and fast

Here's what my face look like as of June 18, 2012(Monday)

SEE! I'm happy that my acne is improving and I hope that it will continue its improvements