Monday, July 16, 2012

Acne Journal: Day 40

Yey! Another 8 days had past and write to my Acne Journal! I really enjoy sharing my acne journal to everyone.

Here's my clearing up face :) 

Front view
 Sorry for the uneven brows! I accidentally shaved it unevenly screw me! I will just wait it to regrow

                                                                  right cheek

                                                                    left cheek

What I've been doing:

*make sure you change your pillow cases every week :)
* sticking to Acne soap, Clarifying Lotion , Differin (at night) and Garnier Light complete Cream regimen (I don't use Clindamycin because it reacts to Salicylic Acid which is present on Garnier Light Complete Cream)
* avoiding fried and preserved foods but I still eat some
* Always clean your brushes after you use it especially the ones you frequently use
* avoid touching your face
*wipe your face immediately if your sweating

And that's it! I went to a Dermatologist ONCE but see the result :) No new breakouts for me YEY! If you have serious breakouts like I did go immediately to a Dermatologist and the best you can find are ones in the hospital or ask friends and/or relatives that might have the same acne problem but has been resolved by an expert. Don't medicate yourself because your breakouts might get worse like I did. I really regret not going to a Dermatologist when I had breakouts shouldn't got worse if I went earlier PLUS I didn't bought a lot of products that didn't work for me that cost a lot of money and time.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Event: Yahoo! OMG Style Awards 2012

Yesterday, (July 6,2012) I was at Yahoo OMG Style Awards 2012! It was heck of a fun!

As usual I'm with mah partner in action Jamie :) 

I don't like to sum up the whole event but here's some photos to share with you guys! :)
Just in case you wanted to know the winners look here

the Purple Carpet (main entrance of the stars) was filled with SOOO MANY fans waiting for their Idols :)

Boys Night Out being interviewed

Here's what the 2nd Floor looks like:

                     Some hot DJ would welcome you to the 2nd floor sponsored by Magnum

Different stalls found on the 2nd floor:

 Jamie on the Sunsilk Stall

             Jamie filling up at the Sun Cellular Stall where we took some photo booth shots! :0

  some nifty ceiling they got here :)

                                                             Our Destination :)

Inside the Arena:

                                                      Kathryn Bernardo on the Screen

After the Show:

Outfit of the Day :) (Photos from Jamie)

Shirt: Gifted but the Tag says Forever 21
Shorts: Got from Bloggers United 3
Bag: snatched it at Parisian when it was on sale 2 for Php800!
Shoes: Chucks 
Socks: brother's closet
Earrings from: 168(the long one) studs from Unisilver
Bracelet: from Palawan
Watch: ODM 

Photo booth Shots with Jamie :)


Tell Me what you think :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

REVIEW: Maybelline Pure Makeup Foundation in Nude (Light 04)

If you have been reading my blog post you already know that I've been winning auctions in Facebook and yesterday, the my prizes came! 

The Parcel includes Maybelline Pure Makeup Foundation, Maybelline Mineral Power concealer and a L'Oreal Auto lip pencil in nude. 

And my winning bet was only Php100 for the Foundation and the Lip pencil while the concealer was sold for Php140 because the online shop was also on sale at the same time so I grabbed the chance because I really wanted to buy concealer for my super visible acne scars and of course, I'm really careful in choosing products that I would put on my face. I don't want to have breakouts all over again.

Today, I'm going to review the Maybelline Pure Makeup Foundation that looks like this:

    by the way I'm a NC25 in MAC. Actually I don't own one but I went to one of their stalls (the one at Rockwell) and found out that that was my shade because I was really curios and most of the reviewers always use MAC for references :)

I always see to it that the products that I put on my face will include a "won't clog pores" or "non-comedogenic" which by the way means the same

                    the shade was a little dark on me but still blends well so it's okay for me

                                              say Hello to my ugly pimple scars

                                                         with one layer

 with 3 layers as you can see its a little darker on me or its just too yellow on me but I don't mind because will just use some powder but not today because I want to test the product's reaction on my skin alone

I have put this only on the left side of my face and as you can see it blended well even without any setting powder or whatsoever

*it really is water soluble can be washed with water alone
*has buildable coverage which is great :)
* blends in my skin quite well
* doesn't have that cosmetic scent
*doesn't sit into my pores
*gives you a really nice powdery feeling

* doesn't give keep its promise that you will be SHINE FREE
* makes my face oily 2 hours after I used it
* no SPF :(

REVIEW: Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Cream

Yes, I am back for another review! Maybelline's Mineral Power Concealer in Cream which I bought for Php150 or $3 together with another products that I've won in an auction AGAIN which includes Maybelline Pure Makeup and a L'oreal Auto lip pencil in nude! for Php100. Isn't it cheap! The concealer that I bought was on sale Online because if I will buy this at Watsons it will cost me Php499 or $10 more or less. 

Here's my review:

                                     Has a Doe foot applicator which is alright for me :)

                         concealing power on hand using my L'Oreal Autopencil Lip liner in Nude

Concealing power
                                                 my overly red acne scars on my right cheeks

one layer of concealer

                                                    with two layers of concealer

                                              and lastly with three layers of concealer

* nice staying power
* decent coverage because its buildable
* has a faint cosmetic scent but not noticeable unless you will sniff it 

*oils up my face
*sits on my pores making it more noticeable
* not that opaque enough to completely conceal my acne scars with one layer
*cakes when applied too much layer 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

REVIEW: 4u2 Dream Girls Lovelight BB powder in 02

I've been in search for a great drugstore foundation and when I saw Say (makeup by Say Tioco Artillero) raved about this I went over to Watsons at SM Bicutan but it was out of stock but fortunately when I went there today it was back on stock so  grabbed immediately the 02 just like the Say's I guess we share the same shade that's why I always look at her foundation reviews because its very accessible and I know what color to pick hehe :)

Anyways, here it is!



 I was so scared to but this in number 02 because there were no tester and it looks very dark on the pan but when I got home it blended like a dream!

such a small compact powder :)

                         I love products that has manufacturing date and expiration date :)

                                                     what it says on the back :)


                                   I drew this black and red dots just like my blemishes :)


              2nd layer of powder                                                               third layer :)

 What it looks on my face:


Great coverage for a powder alone right? But what I don't like about the packaging is that the sponge doesn't have a divider and I don't like it when the sponge is soaked on the pan for hygenic purposes and not too much product will transfer  to the sponge :)

But here's what I did for that simple problem:

1) Do not throw the plastic packaging of the powder

 2) Cut one part of the plastic packaging

 3) Measure the pan and cut away :) be careful because the plastic is a little sturdy


Now for the review:

* very affordable
*accessible at any 4U2 Stalls
* buildable coverage without being cakey
*convenient packaging because its small and plastic making it travel friendly
*no cosmetic smell at all
*gives a nice silky finish but its more like a creamy finish but not sticky(sorry I can't give an exact feeling)
* controls oil too I needed to powder once every 5 hours :)

* can't think of any! I just love it!