Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Lip Products Collection as of Feb 2012

Im so excited to share with you guys my super inexpensive lip products colletion. All of my MAC lipsticks are Singapore Authentic just so you know. Oh, this is going to be a picture heavy post okay, my NYX Lipstick were bought in an online shop___ and so as my MAC lipsticks ___. If I didn't give away some of my lipsticks, it may have been larger nonetheless, I don't regret giving some because seeing someone appreciate your gift is priceless. So, enough with the blabbering,here it is..

Oh, I forgot to put my XXL 2 in 1 lip liner and eyeliners and Sally Hansen lipgloss that tastes like Allerin  that has a cooling effect but Im not sure if it is a plumping lipgloss though.

Bought these from this online shop service is great!

NYX Slim Lip Pencil are very creamy you don't need to put on lip balm  before applying these and  are very pigmented can use this as your everyday lip color

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp, I was so upset when I got this as a replacement for Milan

I don't have any problem with this so creamy and matte, doesn't dry out  my lips and stays for a pretty long time even if I am a frequently rubbing my lips 

Got this at Robinson's Department Store Manila

bought this from a friend who is an Avon dealer

Pink Rose is a semi matte mauvy pink
Lucky Orange is a shimmery coral that leans more on the orange side
Poppy Pink is a shimmery pink that has a blue undertones

Got this from an online shop too(I know! Im a fan of online sellers)

01 is a brick red that leans to orange
06 is a semi matte pinkie mauve that has blue undertones
08 is a semi matte coral pink

another set of Singapore Authentic Mac Lipsticks

Bright Pink is a very sheer purple-ish pink
3D is a nudy orange with coral undertones
Laugh a Lot is a an everyday pinkish nude lipstick(I believe it is inspired by Lovelorn)

got this as a prize!

looks like real blood isn't it

I use this as a blush perfect! isnt sticky and last the whole day its like colored water


Nyx Slim Lip Pencil creamy consistency and can be wear as a lipstick last up to 2-3 hours for my lips
Nyx Round Lipsticks doesn's stay a very long time more like you need to reapply after every 1hour but has great color pay off
Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp my lips but better lip product last for a very long time even if you drink or eat
AVON Simply Pretty Colorlast Lipsticks doesn't stay well but has pretty colors
Careline Lipgloss with Vit. E surprisingly pigmented for a ligloss stays put for 1-2 hours on my lips
MAC Singapore Authentic Lipsticks, surprisingly pigmented and stays put for a long time has great color payoff

Im still in search for a lipwear that has superduper staying power

Nyx HD Foundation in Soft Beige Review

 This is gonna be a picture heavy post.. Got this from an online shop very nice online seller and completely legit!

I am a NC25 

this is my bruised right leg you guys just so you know

I know it is slightly darker on my skin because this is my leg and my legs are fairer than my face

My twin's stolen shot of her bare face haha!

She only wore a layer and set it in with her Maybelline Pressed Powder

*in flash photography


All in all VERDICT:

*has a buildable coverage
*has a plastic bottle and a pump so it is very convenient!
*so light it feels like second skin
*easy to blend
*semi waterproof
*has teeny tiny cosmetic scent(I have a very sensitive nose)
*very easy to take off your skin(Im not sure if it is a pro though)
*dewy finish and doesn't oil up my face(i have combo/oily skin)
*photographs and blends to skin perfectly

* not transferproof(I used a tissue paper and it transfered to it such a dissapointment)
*I wish it has been made for long wear
*not that waterproof (I thought I can use this at swimming)
*not meant for wearing outdoors cause it doesn't have SPF

I hope I helped anyone who is in search for a liquid foundation