Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ellana Minerals Review: Intensive Coverage Concealer and Foundation in French Vanilla Latte

I bought these sample for Php 100 in 1g pot, this is my second sampler hehe! because I cannot convince myself to buy the bigger I think its for Php280 and it is already in 4g pot. Furthermore, here's the link to Ellana's website if you are interested.

I bought mine in their SM Manila's Stall at the Supermarket/Hypermarket

I bought the foundation with these two :) 

the foundation is finely milled love it!

what it looks like in my Ellana's Baby Buki Brush did I mention that its so soft I could use it as a  pillow it it was a lot bigger ^^

appears lighter when unblended

left side without right side with the foundation
                                           blended foundation with the use of  brush see how it blurs my skin


red lip pencil

see how the lip pencil was concealed ^^ works better than my Fanny Serrano Concealer

Great Coverage
Great for skin
Doesn't last long

Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara Singapore Authentic Review

So here's my piece of mind about the...
 Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara Singapore Authentic I bought this as a set in my first evah blogged Haul!!! so I cannot really tell you how much it cost exactly

sorry for the blurred photo

see how the prints easily removed, I just got it out from the packaging

Looks like the wand of the US authentic 

My twin and her tutchang na pilikmata haha! 

first application

see the difference between her (your left) right eyelashes from the left

second coat
here, her lashes looks lengthy


A Good volume mascara
Love the length it gives
Oh, did I mention that it is waterproof?
Doesn't clump YEY! :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MAC Singapore Authentic Lady Gaga Duo Blush/Eyeshadow Review

Okay, Okay!!! Here's my review about this supah cool blush

Got these from an Online Shop on Facebook will send the link to those who ask..

I was so shocked to see it that it is actually an eye shadow duo but the seller says that it is a blush duo nonetheless, love the color combination

             what it looks like(this is true to color)
    the pink has silver shimmers and the peach is matte 

  wow, this blush/eyeshadow duo keeps me fascinated

has a mirror and a brush compartment and a BRUSH!! :)
Shedding Test..

a little scratchy, not so soft but not so stiff either

no hair :)

picking up the color test.. 5/5!

I only dabbed the brush COOL!

the color payoff  is great! so PIGMENTED

Waterproof test..

with running water for about 20 seconds

yeap :) 

Waterproofiness: 4/5

rubbed 3x 

On the face:

bare face
*note: this is my twin not me :)

peachy matte

pink with silver shimmer

the peach matte gives a nice glow and the pink with silver shimmers  gives a dolly look 


GREAT color payoff
Has a decent brush
Stays put even I washed it with water

* I cannot say if how much is this exactly because I purchased this duo as a set but I bought it together with the Maybelline Colossal Macara and two Lipliner and eyeliner duo for about Php 400 :) in my first ever blogged haul :)

Haul :)

Okay this is my first time blogging my haul.. We'll Review these Babies :) 

me graduation dress :) don't mind the bag ^^
 Oh, I got this on sale at Elise in Robinson's Place Manila was Php1080 bought it for Php550                      

Got this from an Online Shop :)
I decided to buy these because I really want to test Singapore authentic makeups because I don't see reviews about these and yet they are very accessible to buy especially on Facebook (grabe dami kaya nagbebenta niyan)and they are actually cheaper but I don't promote these stuffs I just took the liberty to review them cause I cannot find reviews about these 

MAC Lady Gaga Duo Blush, Maybelline Colossal Macara and Eyeliner and Lipliner (the black one is the eyeliner and the pink and red is the lip liner) Got this set for Php 400 pesos 'cause the shop was on sale

                   Got these from Saizen at Robinson's Place Manila :)
                                                 Php 85 each

                     Got these from Ellana Stall in Sm Manila Supermarket
Php 100 each

will review this later :) I will eat my graduation dinner first