Sunday, May 10, 2015

Its Been Quite a While


I have been seriously out bloggin for quite sometime now. Cause my work has been draining all up my energy. Since I had quit my job its more time for me, I wont think that this makes me extremely happy moreover I cant say that I hate it either

Well anyways, Im back to do more bloggin for everyone. And recently I have been online shopping most of the time on Instagram and yet I found some beauty products to try focusing on my face 😊.

And my recent haul was beauty products from Thailand but like Ive said I got into Online Shopping over Instagram.

The package looks like this:


Package includes:
4 Tofu Soap for 65php each
1 Alpha Arbutin Serum 150php
1 Clear Nose Whitehead Peeling Mask with Paper 100php
Total + 60 Shipping Fee via XEND

Will Update as soon as I see some difference 😁

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Review: Essence Soft touch Mousse Make Up


 After 2 years of not bloggin, I'm pretty much getting back on the track. First off, this quick review of my new found foundation/concealer from Essence :)

Essence is a new brand for the Philippine make up junkies, well in fact this beand is well known to other countries thats why when I saw them on Watsons at SM Bicutan, I really took my time to memorize everything I saw and google it up :)

Furthermore, Essence is a makeup brand for teens especially beginners to make up. It claims to be made in Germany.

So without further a due, here is my review :) (and it rhymes)

Looks like this:

Sorry if I touched it before I photographed it

What it looks on my face:
 This was only with first layer of the make up. I didnt put a lot because it was freaking hot.

So this was the before on my right cheeks

Before on my left cheeks

What I like about this :
Affordable :) 16g for Php289.00
Texture is so soft
Feels very light on the skin
Lasts a very long time if set in powder
My skin looks very flawless after I put it in even without powder foundation
Makes my skin tone even
The packaging is nice just dont drop it might break

What I dont like about this:
No ingredients at the back
Glass jar makes me nervous that I might drop it and it would break
I think it kinda breaks me out. But not pretty sure because of the weather and my working conditions

All in all, Its a so-so product for me. I'll try to experiment with it regards to the breaking out issues. I still need to figure out why am I am breaking out so bad these days and I hope this is not the culprit.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bea goes to CORON :)

This is a late post sorry guys! Well anyways here it is..

Me and my friend Rose went to Coron, Palawan last March 5-9, 2012 I know this is super outdated post but I still want to share it with you guys :) It was a decent trip especially that it was a treat for my birthday last March 2 and also t was my first time to ride a plane and it was really exciting and nerve breaking at the same time

I was so disappointed because my camera's memory card was corrupted! I see my photo's preview but when I put the memory card it has no memory of the photos I have taken! It was really frustrating because I cant restore the images. Grr!! I hate that memory card! Every time I used it it never works so I grabbed Rose's photo.


We arrived at Busuangga Airport at exactly 10:40am and we were picked up by a van from Mommita's for free :) it was an hour drive from the airport to Mommita's and the drive was not bumpy and we were caught by a light traffic of Cows, Yeah you read it right COWS. I guess the Busuangga airport is newly built because it has a really short runway that's not enought for the big planes to take off it even looks like a parking lot of not more than 300 cars. Hence, the airplane you will be riding is also small because big airplanes will cause a lot of space at the runway leaving small airplanes on the circling on the sky waiting for it to take off.


We lodged at Mommita's Place and I think our room was Php700(Green Room) per night we had TV, Aircon, Doubles-sized bed and a fan our room was not that big but roomy for the both of us but we use public toilet. It is alright for us because most of the  other rooms has their own bathroom and some even had 3 beds of course it will cost higher :)  I really wanted you guys to see our room but because of that dilemma caused by my memory card I will just described it to you. We had ocean painted walls with different kinds of fishes it was really nice it gives that fun happy feeling when I see our room.

The owner of the lodging house is Mommita and she is very kind she treated us like we are her own daughters gave us tips about island hopping, where we should go first and where we shouldn't go and her brother-in-law is the one who cooks. They serve Breakfast and Dinner only because most of the time we are out and the island hopping package already has free lunch and you can suggest what you want to eat isn't great? Mommita's place is very convenient because if you go out of the lodging house you could see drugstore at the left, the market place and the harbor on the right and a lot of great restaurants around them. Mommita will suggest you restaurants if you want to eat outside 

 It's like our own vacation house we had Motorcyle service from kuya kong (driver) from Mommita too. If you are going to Coron I recommend you to stay there. Here's their website

We went to Binalot(restaurant) for our lunch Mommita suggested we try their food there and go to Kabu Beach it was a 20 minute ride via Motorcycle (I had no pictures recovered because Rose didn't bring her camera because I brought mine) But here's one from Mommita's Website hehe!


Only 20 minutes by motorcycle from the town center, these is serene getaway, perfect for a day spent lazing under the sun, with refreshing views of Coron Island Ancestral Domain.

After Kabu Beach we went to Maqinit Hot spring at 4pm it was a 15 minute ride from Kabu Beach. I really loved in here it was so beautiful there, the hotspring was surrounded by mangrove trees and the ocean. Sometimes, if the waves are too big, they will enter the hot spring :) 

(from mommita's website too)

the blissfully warm and salty waters of the spring provides a soothing counterpoint to frenzy of activities you may had. Just take a dip and relax in its healing waters. with a temperature ranging from 38 to 41 degrees Celsius, Maquinit’s waters are very relaxing and therapeutically. It is the perfect place to go after a day of trekking and snorkeling. It has a flow output of 85 liters/second or a whopping 5115 liter/minute! It is unique because unlike other hot springs, its waters are salty with a slight sulphuric content. In addition, the algae that grow on its pools walls contain spirulina.

After Maqinit Hot spring we went to Mommita's to take a bath at 5:30 and after we ate our dinner 3 viand(fish, lobster and pancit) and a dessert(canned Peaches)! at 7:30pm we went to the market just for fun because it was still early and Mommita wanted us to go there. We were even accompanied by one of Mommita's helper(ate cristine), but we asked her if she would just drop us there and give us directions back to Mommita's because we didn't want to bore her out and feel out of place and also we assumed that she was already tired because of house works back at the lodge. The Market was well lit and had a lot of food if we weren't full we had a nice food trip over the market they even sell fishballs and ihaw-ihaw! I love it! There were no suspicious emblems there were many tourist foreign and filipino. There were gift shops, Souvenir Shops stalls like at Divisoria which sells Sun Hats, Sun Glasses even Swimwear! I was totally surprised of course the market sold fresh fish, meat, vegetables and fruits. We had a really nice walk over the Market it was a really fun experience I feel so Independent that time hahaha.(Sorry no pictures) 


 At 5am we walked up to Mount Tapyas, we asked Ate Cristine for directions but she accompanied us from Mommita's to the short cut. Mount Tapyas was really high! I had a terrible cold and cough when we arrived Coron. but my excessive panting from climbing the stairs really got it off it was 1300 steps and believe me the steps were half a foot tall! The climb was not that easy at all I even felt that I cannot climb anymore because I'm having a little trouble breathing because of my clogged nose. But when I stared at the tip I always say to myself that I can do it and I was fooling myself that I'm close to the top hehe until I reached the top of course Rose was also there to give her moral support and we were trying to reach the top before sunrise, So it was also time pressure at the same time. But when we reached the top I was really, really amazed how beautiful Coron was.

And then By 7am we went down and had our breakfast at Coron Breakfast Central,  you gotta try their Beef Omelet it is crazy good! After eating it I decided that I would eat this for breakfast for tomorrow! I really loved the flavor of Beef mixed with different kinds of vegetables on an egg! It had onions, green and red bell pepper, and tomatoes which was my all time favorite! When I tasted it I carefully remembered whats in it so that I can cook it at home :) Then, after eating we went to Mommita's because we are going to be fetched by our tourist guide and also the boat operator at 8am for Island Hopping.

Our rented boat, "Althea"

 First stop, via Boat ride for an hour, Malcapuya Beach!



at 10:30 we left the beautiful Malcapuya beach and headed to Banana Island where we're going to have our Lunch :)

Our Lunch:

We asked our Boat operator/ Tourist Kuya Mac if we could stay for a bit longer here and shorter for the next two beaches because for every beach we will only spend 1 hour the most to get on schedule because the boat rides will took 1 hour long and 30 minutes at least. So if we are not going to stick on the schedule, we will running out of time for other beaches to visit.

After we ate I asked Rose if we can snorkel there but she wasn't so sure so we asked kuya Mac and yey! they had it for free 

Next stop, Atwayan Beach we skipped CYC because our boatmates gone already went there yesterday:

Next Stop: Maynuno Beach 

We didn't stay there for long only 30 minutes because the waves are becoming bigger Kuya Mac decided to get us back to the harbor safely.While we are on our way to the Harbor, Kuya Mac handed us merienda its like Suman but it was grilled and I forgot what its called but it sounded like Suman.

After almost two hours of boat ride we head back to Mommita's (5:30) to take a bath and rested a little bit for 2 hours and ate dinner at Lolong's Grill (at the back of the lodge) and ate chicken Cordon Bleu and Tapsilog for rose for our dinner. After that I bought Rose painkillers because she had muscle cramps from snorkeling. I guess that she didn't stretch and she is not fond of swimming for too long. We head back at Mommita's at 9pm and I forgot to load so I was getting my slippers when Mommita told one of her helpers to load for me because it was already late I was shocked and touched at the same time because I didn't expect Mommita to do that I was like home and Mommita was my mom.and so there I rested beside Rose and fell asleep :) Of course I didn't forget to thank Ate and Mommita for that gesture.

Third Day:
Because we slept early of course we woke up early as well. And I asked Rose if we can eat again to CBC and eat my new favorite Beef Omelet :)

grinning over my beef omelet

After we ate, we went to the harbor and met our new boatmates and Athea (the boat) and I am ver excited because we are heading towards lakes today :0

me taking pictures while waiting our boatmates (Rose really loves to take  stolen pictures of me)

FIRST STOP: Twin Laggon 
I loved it in here we had to swim to get there. I removed my vest because I really wanted to swim. What I did was I tied my slippers at the other end while my snorkels on the other end. because I had my camera on my other hand to take pictures and my other to swim. 

We had a little accident where Rose accidentally forgot to remove her glasses and completely forgot that she wore it I just asked her if where did her glasses went and she was like shocked and don't know what to do at the same time and we are way behind because we are going to our next stop already. And Kuya Mac asked us if what is wrong and we told him what happened and then he dived and saw Rose's glasses and we were like celebrating that time and we were asked by Kuya Mac if we could swim faster because they were waiting for us. Because of Rose's shoulder pains I dragged her while I was swimming and she was like so relaxed while I was swimming for the both of us and when we got to the dock our boatmates asked if what took us for so long and we shared the story on the boat while going to our next destination :)

Next Stop:  

this was our souvernir buying day din't took any pictures because we're too busy buying haha! :) and our minds were boggled by the choosing of best souvenirs :) the gift shop was introduced to us by Mammita as well :)

was our last morning :( was so sad about it thou I was fulfilled at the same time :)
Will go back to Palawan really soon! but not in Coron thou, 

Recent Haul :) August 2012

Hey Hey Hey!! Wassup guys! 

Yesterday was my off so I got the chance to go out and finish my requirements (SSS number and Brgy. ID) just comment below if you want to know how to get one :)

Anywho! When I was about to go home I felt somewhat like I need to find a wash room to freshen up and to reduce the toxic water from my bladder :0 Then I saw Starmall at Alabang and I was like, "I'm very sure that they have what I really need!" 

And So, I was in search for the nearest restroom where I saw this shop not so far from the entrance I got in to. I was really intrigued but then I neglected it cause I really have to go.. But when I was on my way home I stopped by to check their stuffs ^^ (didn't took pictures of the Store)

The store had lots and lots of stuffs! anything Girly were there besides clothes and bags where there! accessories, undergarments, make-up, headbands, socks, pouch,nail colors, almost everything! I wish I had my samsung with me so that I could take you some pictures >.<

Well Anyways, This what I bought!

                                                the address and the name of the store! :)

bought hair gems for P10 each
* the earring with big gem was P59 (will give this to my girl friend for our 1st month in the office ^^)
* pearly earring was P39  (will also give this to my other girl friend for our 1st month in the office ^^)
*plastic spray bottle was P29 (will also give this to other girl friend for her birthday)
*and the Hengfang mascara was P69

All together was P216

                                                                  instructions :)

                                  one broke when I tried to get it off from my hair strand

                                     its so simple to use, its just like a needle threader :)
these earrings are for my 2 beautiful friends at the office which I call girlfriends as called by our other workmates (they think were all very sweet with each other)

what it looks like on me :)

 I was intrigued by this mascara so I handed this over in replace to a false eyelashes which takes time to remove >,< and it surprisingly failed the waterproofiness which I was really hoping that it would be. : (
the wand is a soft silicone bristles

                                                with my hardly noticeable lashes

 oops! please excuse my eyeliner because I had my falsies removed and it took out my eyeliner as well haha :) I love that glue which I bought at Saizen!, the black eyelash glue :0

I love how it lengthens my lashes and all but I seriously hate it because its waterproof power died when sprayed my lower lash line with water! it gave me an instant panda eyes! and it didn't holds curls and it takes time to dry :( boo!!
 Outfit of the Day:
 love this corset type jacket with lace at at the bottom part and what I love about this is that it sleeves ends at my elbows not on my wrists :)

Face of the Day:
*Ellana White Chocolate Primer
*Maybelline Pure Makeup in nude light 04 (too yellowish for me so I just put it under my eyes, pimple scars and around my nose)
*Maybelline Mineral Power concealer in Cream
*4u2 Lovelight BB powder in 02(which is tad dark on me but I still use it anyways because it already hit pan)

*Shawill Liquid Eyeliner
*In2it brow powder
*false lashes I bought at 168
*used my Saizen Eyelash Glue in Black which I adore because of its stickiness, even if I was blown by extreme wind, my falsies stayed on put :)
*Avon Smooth Minerals Blush in Radiance
*L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Eyeshadow (which I also use as a Highlighter)


 used my lovely Glamworks Make-up Remover Wipes :)