Sunday, May 10, 2015

Its Been Quite a While


I have been seriously out bloggin for quite sometime now. Cause my work has been draining all up my energy. Since I had quit my job its more time for me, I wont think that this makes me extremely happy moreover I cant say that I hate it either

Well anyways, Im back to do more bloggin for everyone. And recently I have been online shopping most of the time on Instagram and yet I found some beauty products to try focusing on my face 😊.

And my recent haul was beauty products from Thailand but like Ive said I got into Online Shopping over Instagram.

The package looks like this:


Package includes:
4 Tofu Soap for 65php each
1 Alpha Arbutin Serum 150php
1 Clear Nose Whitehead Peeling Mask with Paper 100php
Total + 60 Shipping Fee via XEND

Will Update as soon as I see some difference 😁