Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recent Haul :) August 2012

Hey Hey Hey!! Wassup guys! 

Yesterday was my off so I got the chance to go out and finish my requirements (SSS number and Brgy. ID) just comment below if you want to know how to get one :)

Anywho! When I was about to go home I felt somewhat like I need to find a wash room to freshen up and to reduce the toxic water from my bladder :0 Then I saw Starmall at Alabang and I was like, "I'm very sure that they have what I really need!" 

And So, I was in search for the nearest restroom where I saw this shop not so far from the entrance I got in to. I was really intrigued but then I neglected it cause I really have to go.. But when I was on my way home I stopped by to check their stuffs ^^ (didn't took pictures of the Store)

The store had lots and lots of stuffs! anything Girly were there besides clothes and bags where there! accessories, undergarments, make-up, headbands, socks, pouch,nail colors, almost everything! I wish I had my samsung with me so that I could take you some pictures >.<

Well Anyways, This what I bought!

                                                the address and the name of the store! :)

bought hair gems for P10 each
* the earring with big gem was P59 (will give this to my girl friend for our 1st month in the office ^^)
* pearly earring was P39  (will also give this to my other girl friend for our 1st month in the office ^^)
*plastic spray bottle was P29 (will also give this to other girl friend for her birthday)
*and the Hengfang mascara was P69

All together was P216

                                                                  instructions :)

                                  one broke when I tried to get it off from my hair strand

                                     its so simple to use, its just like a needle threader :)
these earrings are for my 2 beautiful friends at the office which I call girlfriends as called by our other workmates (they think were all very sweet with each other)

what it looks like on me :)

 I was intrigued by this mascara so I handed this over in replace to a false eyelashes which takes time to remove >,< and it surprisingly failed the waterproofiness which I was really hoping that it would be. : (
the wand is a soft silicone bristles

                                                with my hardly noticeable lashes

 oops! please excuse my eyeliner because I had my falsies removed and it took out my eyeliner as well haha :) I love that glue which I bought at Saizen!, the black eyelash glue :0

I love how it lengthens my lashes and all but I seriously hate it because its waterproof power died when sprayed my lower lash line with water! it gave me an instant panda eyes! and it didn't holds curls and it takes time to dry :( boo!!
 Outfit of the Day:
 love this corset type jacket with lace at at the bottom part and what I love about this is that it sleeves ends at my elbows not on my wrists :)

Face of the Day:
*Ellana White Chocolate Primer
*Maybelline Pure Makeup in nude light 04 (too yellowish for me so I just put it under my eyes, pimple scars and around my nose)
*Maybelline Mineral Power concealer in Cream
*4u2 Lovelight BB powder in 02(which is tad dark on me but I still use it anyways because it already hit pan)

*Shawill Liquid Eyeliner
*In2it brow powder
*false lashes I bought at 168
*used my Saizen Eyelash Glue in Black which I adore because of its stickiness, even if I was blown by extreme wind, my falsies stayed on put :)
*Avon Smooth Minerals Blush in Radiance
*L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Eyeshadow (which I also use as a Highlighter)


 used my lovely Glamworks Make-up Remover Wipes :) 

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