Sunday, May 11, 2014

Review: Essence Soft touch Mousse Make Up


 After 2 years of not bloggin, I'm pretty much getting back on the track. First off, this quick review of my new found foundation/concealer from Essence :)

Essence is a new brand for the Philippine make up junkies, well in fact this beand is well known to other countries thats why when I saw them on Watsons at SM Bicutan, I really took my time to memorize everything I saw and google it up :)

Furthermore, Essence is a makeup brand for teens especially beginners to make up. It claims to be made in Germany.

So without further a due, here is my review :) (and it rhymes)

Looks like this:

Sorry if I touched it before I photographed it

What it looks on my face:
 This was only with first layer of the make up. I didnt put a lot because it was freaking hot.

So this was the before on my right cheeks

Before on my left cheeks

What I like about this :
Affordable :) 16g for Php289.00
Texture is so soft
Feels very light on the skin
Lasts a very long time if set in powder
My skin looks very flawless after I put it in even without powder foundation
Makes my skin tone even
The packaging is nice just dont drop it might break

What I dont like about this:
No ingredients at the back
Glass jar makes me nervous that I might drop it and it would break
I think it kinda breaks me out. But not pretty sure because of the weather and my working conditions

All in all, Its a so-so product for me. I'll try to experiment with it regards to the breaking out issues. I still need to figure out why am I am breaking out so bad these days and I hope this is not the culprit.

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